Koi Pedicure

Who would have thought of this?
Well when in Rome does as the Roman’s do.Koi

It was a hot day and finally took a break, let’s sit on the dock and dangle our feet in the pond.

It happened! We received a Koi pedicure! The Koi were a little leery at first, Swimming around our feet as if they are another fish. Boy the look on their faces as they pass by, it seemed they are saying “come on you weird looking fish do something. After a few minutes they started kissing our feet. Well off to get the camera and get this Koi pedicure on film. By time I got out and got the camera they had calmed down but you’ll see some in action.

What did it feel like? Strange at first kind of like gentle kiss’s. The orange one got a little more excited after awhile. I’m not sure why maybe he was trying to pull the hair off at my ankles, but by that time it felt as though he was trying to give me a hickey, actually moved my leg a little. For the wifey, well she’s ticklish and they seemed to know that as they swam under her feet using their dorsal fin to tickle her.

Earlier I said they were a little leery at first about giving us the Koi pedicure, they are also very curious guys too. There is one we call whitey, you’ll pick him out in the video. Anyways if you’re in the water planting and not paying attention then look up it is a little startling to see this big white fish next to you. There are times when raking the grass clippings out of the pond that Whitey will follow you around.

It is cute that they want to know what’s going on in there environment but also bad. This makes the Koi more vulnerable to predators. The raccoon and blue heron both hang out at the water’s edge, whether landing or making noise in the water, the Koi will go see who is there and then…..
Well we just hope the Koi are fast enough to stay out of harm’s way.
Watch for the little minnows in the Koi pedicure video.

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