Fall Pond Again

Fall PondFall Pond again, I guess it happens every year and we should expect it kind of like clockwork but each year brings new colors and the scurry of getting ready for winter. Squirrel’s gathering food, bird’s flocking up and heading south, Koi have stopped eating for a while now as the water temperature is dropping. Then seeing new life from this summer’s offspring as they head into a long winter under the ice. There is a video below showing the new offspring, too cool.

Here in Erie, Pa. we never know what the weather will do, 75 degrees by day and 40 at night, so when there’s a nice day get as much done as you can and enjoy the weather as well. There is the problem when we are starting to think about bringing in the pond accessories but hoping for another nice day. It could and does happen that day never comes and you’re left in the cold to put things away or worse snow.

So this year we took a nice day and got the ponds ready for winter. One of the items is move the bottom diffused fall pond sunsetaerators under the deck to keep ice away. Not only keeping the ice away but is placed in shallower water so there is no chance of super cooling the water and possibly killing the fish. Actually the last thing we did was take out the Evolution Fountain, wow the pond looks naked now.

pond sunsetNow that the water is cooling down the algae, leaves and plants will die and sink to the bottom of the pond creating nutrients for algae next spring when the water warms up again, be prepared and have an aeration system ready to install, whether it’s a Fountain or Bottom Diffused Aeration either way can save the day. Discover more about water quality and how you can raise yours check out the Consumer Aeration Report.


About the Author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of Whatpond.com. A one man business, works full time in tool & die. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. Ran into pond issues and started the research with pond suppliers and conferences for pond management. He writes about pond building and pond management and sells pond management supplies, aeration & fountains and Practical hands on experiences at Whatpond.com. . No physical store, but has items in stock.

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