Manual Checkout

We will not order or ship any product until we receive your check, continue reading and fill out the form below to notify us of what you are purchasing.

Manual check out is to be use if you would like to send a check instead of using PayPal or credit card, or if you wish to make payments on your purchase that we prearranged and for local pick up, we periodically order in stock if you wish to pre-order a product let us know in the additional comments below.

Other notes: Please be sure to check your email for updates on the process of your order, questions about your order from WhatPond or if there is some other question or concerns so we can work it out. Be sure to check your junk mail folder or add our email to your safe list to stay up to date on the order and shipping info.[wp_eStore_on_page_manual_gateway_form] Checks Payable to: WhatPond
555 Donation rd.
Erie, PA. 16509

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