PA86 Aeration System

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PA86D Aeration System for up to 4 acres
2 Year Warranty on Compressor 5 Year Warranty on Tubing, Diffusers and Cabinet
• This package includes our deluxe locking cabinet complete with air compressor already installed, a cooling fan already installed and a electrical box/outlet already mounted and ready for your incoming power line.
• Every compressor has a valved outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge installed — simply set cabinet in desired location, install the air diffusers and connect the tubing
• 50′ maximum operating depth. • Coverage area based on diffusers in 5′ to 16′ of water, actual area will vary according to diffuser operating depth • Typical operation cost of $1.38 per 24 hours (at .09¢ per kwh, actual cost will vary)
4 acre lake and pond aerator

These Aeration Systems are designed as a Basic version where you would provide a cabinet to protect the compressor to Deluxe version which includes a choice of cabinet. Other options are No weighted airline, for designing custom lengths and No diffusers in case you choose a different brand or style of diffuser.

From Basic Systems to two different Deluxe cabinet options as seen below the PA66, 1/2 Hp aeration system offers different ways to fit your needs in building your aeration system. As a precaution statement, the Basic systems, (no cabinet) the compressor does need to be protected from weather, rain and snow and needs to be able to breathe having air holes for air flow to keep the compressor cooled off. Southern states with long hot summers should look to the different cabinets which have a fan installed in the cabinet to keep the compressor cool. While the northern states may not need the fan we still need air flow to cool the compressor and for the air intake that goes through the compressor out to the diffuser (s).

With the different options to order below you will see options like 2 diffusers and no air line. We can help design and figure out how any feet of tubing you will need if you choose this option. Please let us know in advance before ordering. Another option is with no diffuser in case you have a different diffuser to use or replacing a system you already have. You’ll also see below the option to add sound proofing to your system, if you wish to order, click the add to cart along with your choice of system.

When in doubt please use the contact page so we can help get the correct sized system for your pond needs.
Additional variations can be added to the Deluxe SC22 cabinet for up to 6 acres and beyond. Contact us for a free design.
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