Pond Aeartion Install and Startup video

Below is a install video using the Airmax two diffuser system. This should help with the process of installing any aeration system. The main difference would be diffusers such as EasyPro’s round disc diffuser will need sand or gravel added to the base to keep it sunk to the bottom of the pond, Once it gets under the water it it will sink when the air is pushed out. Either diffuser can have a rope tied to it in the even you want to pull it out to clean the diffuser(s).

I like to have the system up and running when installing the diffuser, valve open full. Most all the time the diffuser will end up on the bottom right side up, if it doesn’t you would see a lot of silt being pushed up, give it a minute, if it does not clear up, pull it out and try again.

Once the diffusers are set go back to the valve and slowly turn the shallowest diffuser towards off until the deepest diffuser shows the same size boil as the shallow diffuser and your done. Always leave the deepest diffuser valve open all the way and adjust the shallower diffuser valves.

The video below is an older video we did about starting up the aeration system, when and why the procedure of doing it. In short we want to run the system a little each day. An hour the first day, then 2 hours the second day and keep doubling the hours each day. This does two things. It help to prep the bottom in any settlement is disturbed and second is if there are fish we are slowly purging out the toxic gasses each day. It has happened before that folks would tart up full time and saturate he pond with the toxic gasses and had a fish kill.

The below email form is if you have not already signed up for the process of start up and shut down to keep the fish safe and prep the bottom of the pond. So if you landed here from an email no need to sign up again. You will get a daily email reminder, this is just to help you reminder how many hours you are at each day.

Aerator Start Up


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