Pond Muck Remover

5 lbs muck and sludge removerPond Muck and Sludge can accumulate with every season. From fish waste, decaying plants, leaves and what ever the rain washes into the pond. Each year this muck layer continues to build until it fills in the pond in. Ever notice bad smells from the pond? That is the muck we are talking about.

One of the best tools for the pond is the proper size aeration system to provide the oxygen demands the pond needs. This allows the beneficial bacteria’s to reach the depths of the pond floor where oxygen is not present, to begin muck and sludge reduction.

Add our specially formulated muck and sludge pellets around the edge of the pond to consume the muck around the edges, the aeration will help to circulate these bacteria  into the pond depths for a complete healthy pond, top to bottom while eliminating muck over time.
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About the author: Darrell Rhoades is the founder of Whatpond.com and has great expertise in building ponds. It all started when he built his own pond for the family. He writes about pond management and sell pond management products at Whatpond.com.