Deskuzzer 2.0


Ultra tough screen material for the collection netting.
An abrasion resistant guard on lower bar
24 foot long pull line to permit longer throws
Pleated screen edges to help retain the Skuzz..


The Deskuzzer works great. We took one out to test on a pond and the pond owner bought it. The next pond we tested it in was left for the pond owner to finish up the job and return it… his remarks getting out of the truck was “this thing is Awesome, how much do I owe for using it? What a time saver”.

The Deskuzzer will clean up most everything floating in the pond, what it won’t do is Watermeal. Take a minute and watch the video below  as we show how it works!

You are purchasing the Deskuzzer 2.0 with the orange floats. Holds the up out of the water to capture surface debris.

Watch the video to see the assembly and tossing it out into the pond. Don’t be a hero on the first few tosses. It does take some practice to get it out there in the right position. I like to tie a knott on the end of the rope so you can wrap around your wrist so when you do get to the point of giving a hard toss you don’t lose the rope. In most cases, the DeSkuzzer can remove 400 square feet of surface debris in about 15 minutes.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 53 in


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