Wind Driven Aeration


Let Mother Nature aerate your pond
Becker Windmill aerators can save $30-$50 per month in electric costs, paying for themselves in a few short years. Ideal for aerating remote ponds with no electricity nearby.

Choose from 3 heights

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• Stable, four leg design
• Long-lasting, reinforced neoprene diaphragm
• 6′ diameter head with 12 blades operates in wind as low as five miles per hour
• Produces 2.4-5 cfm (depending on air speed) for ponds up to 40′ deep
• Over speed protection — tail section will turn head in high winds preventing over spinning
• Includes 48″ long anchor stakes
• Hinge kits included with 16′ and 20′ units
• Can effectively aerate ponds up to two acres depending on shape and depth
• Windmills can sit up to 1000′ away from pond’s edge — use poly tubing , will need to order additional tubing for this option.
Five Year Limited Warranty

Windmill Kits – include 50′ of poly tubing, 100′ of Quick Sink tubing and dual head Quick Sink diffuser.

• Deluxe Kit contains 2-way splitter, 50′ poly, 200’ Quick Sink tubing and 2 single head Quick Sink diffusers

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BWM12W 15' overall, BWM16W 19' overall, BWM20W 23' overall, BWM20DLX 23' overall, BWMRED Stripe kit, BWMRK Diaphragm kit, WMFC Freeze Control Kit, BWHS Hinge kit


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