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No One Will Ever Know It’s Fake
This amazing rock cover looks and feels like the real thing! It’s by far the most realistic rock cover on the market. Blends beautifully into any landscape, and is the perfect solution for hiding aeration compressors, skimmers, waterfall boxes, or anything unsightly. Hand-painted, so every rock is unique! Fiberglass construction. (Only mini & small-size boulders are vented.) Made in the USA. Available in two colors, please specify when ordering. Add beauty, hide flaws and protect equipment.
TrueRock™ Flat Covers
#510329 • Mini, 22″L x 19″W x 3″ H
#510402 • Small, 30″L x 23″W x 3″ H
#510400 • Medium, 32″L x 26″W x 4″H
#510401 • Large, 42″L x 36″W x 5″ H

TrueRock™ Boulder Covers
#510403 • Mini, 10”L x 8”W x 5”H
#510330 • Small, 18”L x 16”W x 11”H
#510332 • Medium, 27”L x 21”W x 14”H
#510333 • Large, 33”L x 24”W x 20”H

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