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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Pond Season Is Almost Over

As we look outside, we see the leaves changing, cooler temperatures and those fall clouds, sadly it is a reminder that the Pond Season Is Almost Over. What can we do to get the pond ready for winter? First up is all the growth around the pond, plants and weeds both need to be cut […] Read More

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

There are bacteria all around us, some good, and some bad even some that can be deadly. Our focus is the good guys we use for healthy, clean water and eliminating muck. The good pond bacteria already exist in and around our ponds, but they’re not overly abundant to do the job, or to keep […] Read More

Can you put Too much Oxygen in the Pond

The answer is yes and no. Let me explain my goofy answer. The pond in question is a pond 100 x 300 and five feet deep. Currently has one diffuser in the middle of the pond and a 4.6 cfm compressor. And the specific question was about adding a larger compressor producing 11 cfm. The […] Read More

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