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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Pond Dye Benefits Movement and Does it Stain

Super Concentrated Pond Dye can stain you or anything it touches when it comes out of the bottle as you may have seen in our other videos and may have already experienced your selves. A little soft scrub with bleach will help to get it off of you or it will wear off in time. […] Read More

Pond Weed Tool Box

Managing Pond Weeds: Your Pond Toolbox  Posted on Mother Earth News, link at bottom.  OK, let’s get into the different tools to manage our pond weeds. The cheapest tool is our hands. Just like weeding the garden or flower bed, we can do the same in the pond to keep areas clear of weeds, manage […] Read More

The Flying Manure Spreader

Yes we are talking about the Canadian Geese, sure it is nice to see wild life come to the pond but these fowl’s can really foul up a pond. Not only do they leave behind plenty of fertilizer for the pond but when they head out to see other ponds and areas to socialize they […] Read More

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