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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Tropical Storm Karen

Here we go again with severe weather with remnants of tropical storm Karen will be heading up thru the states and combining with a cold front from the west, Erie, Pa. has warnings out for a chance of damaging winds and up to 2.75” of rain by Tuesday morning. I know not big news but […] Read More

Predators in the Wild

This is how the animal kingdom keeps itself in check. It happens on land, at sea, in our backyards and in our ponds and lake. For a quick example we have the Great Blue Heron, Osprey, Racoons, snakes and turtles just to mention a few plus the fish themselves. I know some folks may find […] Read More

Fall Pond Cleanup

Fall is knocking on our door and it’s time to help the pond for next year. I know sounds sort of strange but let me explain the fall pond cleanup. All year long our wanted plants have been growing and showing their beautiful flowers or providing their benefit to the pond, pond inhabitants, insect and […] Read More

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