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Viewing: Darrell Rhoades

Disappearing Water in Sink Holes

Water is awesome, not only does it sustain life but is used for so many things in life. From drinking water to food manufacturing, putting out fires and cooling in nuclear plants. Dams built for power generation so we can use our computers and light to irrigation for crops to feed us. Water for the […] Read More

Christmas Eve for Erie County PA

This will not be a traditional Christmas Eve for Erie County. Southerly down sloping winds will ramp up during the day followed by a major high wind event from about 8 PM Wednesday through perhaps 3 AM Christmas morning before slowly subsiding. Please secure anything outdoors such as Christmas decorations early today. If traveling to […] Read More

Year End Short Review

What a year, well at least it seems we got thru it ok for now. With a long winded winter and wet spring dragging into summer we were able to get things done in and around our ponds and more importantly helping those of you be email and our local pond owners with the help […] Read More

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