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Viewing: Pond Plants

Pond Weeding-Pond Cleaning

Having a pond is great for relaxation, visual pleasure, watching wildlife, fishing swimming and more. But what happens when a plants, wanted or not become more of a nuisance than what it was intended for? Where do they come from? Sometime we may plant something with the intent of helping the pond ecosystem, which they […] Read More

Pond Season Is Almost Over

As we look outside, we see the leaves changing, cooler temperatures and those fall clouds, sadly it is a reminder that the Pond Season Is Almost Over. What can we do to get the pond ready for winter? First up is all the growth around the pond, plants and weeds both need to be cut […] Read More

Invasive Pond Species

Invasive species or fast spreader. Sometimes they do get confused because of the nature of the growth rate. Here’s the deal …at least how I want to explain it. Invasive species can be a plant or animal that does not naturally live in your location. But once they do they can take over and push […] Read More

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