Concentrated Pond & Lake Dye Packets


  • Blue Lake Colorant gives a true blue color to a pond
  • This nontoxic and harmless pond dye is for use in pond and lakes
  • Simply toss the water soluble packets directly into pond (use of disposable gloves recommended)
  • Waters can be used for swimming and irrigation once product is dispersed
  • Compatible with most aquatic algaecides and herbicides
  • Mixes quickly in combination with aeration devices
  • Each water soluble packet will treat 1/3 of an acre 3′ to 4′ deep
  • Will not stain once dispersed
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Super Concentrated Powder Pond Dye.
Blue pond and lake colorant is designed for use in large ponds and lakes, starting with a 1/4 acre. It has been packaged in pre-measured water-soluble packets for easy application. This product will not stain birds, fish, plants, pets, or wildlife when applied at the recommended rate. It provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the pond water by offering a “natural blue color”

No Measuring or mixing is required. Simply toss the water soluble packets directly into the pond. Do not touch or pick up packets once wet. Apply 4 packets per surface acre of pond water, every 4 weeks or as needed. Apply 1 packet for quarter acre, 6 – 8’ Deep Or 1/3 acre 4-6’ deep.To deepen color, double the application.
• Provides natural blue appearance to pond water
• Super-concentrated formula
• Safe for fish, birds, plants and other wildlife
• Easy to apply
• Mess-Free water soluble packets

Using the Concentrated Powder Packets:
Each packet is 4 ounces and each packet will treat a ¼ acre pond, 4 to 8 feet deep depending on water quality.

Once the Packet is in the water do not pick it back up again. Yes it is worse than splashing concentrated liquid dye on yourself.

Let’s say your pond is close to a 1/2 acre. I would start with using two packets. If you do have moving water, from an inlet I would drop one in at that area to help distribute the dye out into the pond but if there is no water movement throw both packets out to the center of the pond. Or if it is windy drop the packet in where it will have time to dissolve by time it gets to the other side of the pond. It will take a while to dissolve, if you really wanted you could poke the packet with a stick from shore but don’t pick it up by hand. The powder is very fine and can be blown on to you by a little breeze.

Please allow at least 24 hours for the dye to mix into the pond. It should do this automatically with a breeze and the water movement from heating by day and cooling by night. Once the dye has colored the water you should be good until the next rain storm when the dye is washed out little by little.
If you do lose some dye but still have color in the pond, then toss in another packet to darken up the pond again. And do the same with the fourth packets if the rain continues or when you need to darken the pond. This is an example for a 1/4 are pond using our jar of four 4 ounce packets. With our bucket of 16 four ounce packets you’ll have plenty to do larger ponds, and ave on the initial cost.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

4. 4 ounce Packets, 16, 4 ounce Packets


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