PA86 Three Quarter HP


3/4 hp Rocking Piston Systems
• Two year warranty on compressor, five year warranty on tubing, diffusers and cabinets
• Coverage area based on diffusers in 5′ to 16′ of water, actual area will vary according to diffuser operating depth
• Typical operation cost of $1.38 per 24 hours (at .09¢ per kwh, actual cost will vary)

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EasyPro is a major supplier of pond and lake aeration systems. Thousands of aeration
systems have been sold ranging from small backyard systems to large lake systems. Whatever your needs, we have the products and decades of experience to help you achieve your goals.

For years aeration was thought of as something you only needed if you had high fish loads in a pond. Through years of working closely with pond owners it has been proven that aeration does far more than just keep fish alive. In fact, we consider aeration to be the single most important step in maintaining a healthy pond. Without oxygen nothing will decompose. All the fish waste, dead algae/plant material, leaves, etc. that fall to the pond bottom will only continue to build up unless there is good oxygen levels to help it decompose. Shallow ponds where the sunlight reaches the bottom and wind action helps stir the water can have adequate oxygen to the bottom in some cases but deeper ponds will seldom have good oxygen all the way to the bottom. A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in a ponds health by bringing oxygen and circulation down where its needed the most – along the pond’s bottom.

1 acre at 5′-8′ deep
2 acres at 8′-12′ deep
4 acres at 12′-16′ deep

3/4 HP compressor uses 5.7 amps at 115 volt 2.9 at 230. $1.38 per 24 hours and produces 7.5 CFM

Here’s a PA66 up and running with three diffusers on a one acre pond.


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115 volt, 230 volt

System Options

PA86W (4) EPMD2 3/8" Quick Sink 600', PA86A (4) EPMD2 No Tubing', PA90A (2) EPMD4, NO tubing, PA86D (4) EPMD2 3/8" Quick Sink 600' SC22 Cabinet, PA86AD (4) EPMD2 No tubing SC22 cabinet, PA90AD (2) EPMD4 No tubing SC22 cabinet, PA86WLD 3/8" Quick Sink 600' NO Diffuser, PA86DLD 3/8" Quick Sink 600', SC22 Cabinet, NO Diffuser, PA86ADLD No Tubing', SC22 Cabinet, NO Diffuser


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