Quick Sink & Poly Bury Tubing


Thick wall PVC hose is guaranteed not to crack or split! Works in all temperatures for easy installation even in cold weather! 5 year warranty.

Quick Sink Tubing is used out in the water, from shoreline to the diffuser(s). The various size are determined by the design of the aeration system, size of system and length of runs. Friction loss is also a factor so we don’t lose the volume once it gets to the diffuser.

Poly tubing is used for burial, sometimes out to the diffuser to keep cost down, but tying on weights and keeping them in position is a real pain. The poly tubing is mostly used when we have a compressor or system away from the pond such as a barn or house with the pond being hundreds of feet away. Again size is important so we don’t loose air by time we get to the edge of the pond and still provide the air volume to the diffusers through the weighted tubing.

Poly tubing:
• Durable, kink resistant tubing is ideal for air or water distribution
• Can be buried or left exposed
• Available in a variety of roll lengths to minimize fittings

1/2″ Poly tubing 1/2″ ID 5/8″ OD
5/8″ Poly tubing 5/8″ ID 3/4″ OD
3/8″ ID X .687″ OD – Quick Sink PVC Hose
1/2″ ID X 1″ OD – Quick Sink PVC Hose
5/8″ ID X 1.12″ OD – Quick Sink PVC Hose
3/4″ ID X 1.36″ OD – Quick Sink PVC Hose

500 foot rolls will be shipped by freight due too weight.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Tubing Size and Length

1/2" Poly x 100', 1/2" Poly x 200', 1/2" Poly x 400', 5/8 Poly x 200', 5/8' Poly x 400', 3/8" x 50', 3/8" x 100', 3/8" x 500', 1/2" x 100', 1/2" x 500', 5/8' x 100', 5/8" x 500', 3/4" x 300'


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