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Special News Alerts

With the Holiday Seasons app on us so are the spammers, scammers and mischievous folks. We received two alerts to be on the look out for and these are posted below, issued by the Pennsylvania State Police. One is about the “Knockout Game” so be aware of your surroundings and the second is the latest […] Read More

Should I Run My Aerator During Winter

Pros and cons to running you aerator during winter, we’ll try to keep it short. Pro: Winter aeration can provide your fish added oxygen to keep them thriving even when they slow down for the cold season. Keeping wanted submerged plants alive. Once the ice forms over the pond we’re still good to go since […] Read More

Holiday Seasons and the Pond

This time of year really gets us going, if you’re a hunter, your hunting, gardener it’s time to bring in the harvest and heat with wood you are hoping you got enough for the winter season and that the season doesn’t last too long and scurrying around getting ready for the white stuff (snow). Oh […] Read More

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