Weed Cutter and Lake Rake

aquatic weed cutter and rakePond Rake and Weed Cutter, be sure to watch the assembly and usage videos below.

This is your system for manual weed management  to control those weeds over taking the pond. A pond left alone over the years will accumulate nutrients that make the food source for weeds and algae to grow not to mention this bio mass that continues to building each year making the pond shallower with more muck and sludge.

At first we may have planted a few aquatic plants to help provide some shaded areas for fish, habitat for fish and the birds and insects coming to the pond. But then we left the pond  un-managed and find ourselves overcome by all this vegetation chocking out our pond, sometime not even able to see the water. Getting control back without using chemicals will end up in some work but just do small sections at a time and be persistent.

Use the Weed Cutter to cut the weeds loose and follow up with the Floating Rake to remove weeds from the water. Using the rake with out the float you will be able to rake out those algae mats as well. Here you’ll find a special value pack when buying the Lake Rake and Aquatic Weed Cutter at the same time. Check out the videos below too.
Weed Rake, Weed Cutter or both can be found here, https://www.whatpond.com/product/weed-cutter-and-lake-rake/

The video below helps to walk you through the direction of assembling the Pond Rake and Weed Cutter.

In the video below we show how to use the Weed Cutter and Rake. At first I struggled with the weed cutter but after understanding the way to use it became less stressful to use as seen in the video. After some practice it will be much easier. The rake is very easy to use and works great, putting on the float makes easy work of any floating debris.

Click the Cattail Cutting picture to enlarge

cutting cattailsCutting Cattails with the weed cuter can be done by starting at a corner, or outside edge. This way when you sweep the cutter left and right there is nothing in the way. Once you get into the cattails deeper and find the cutter bumping into cattails, start back outside at a corner and work back inward.

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