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Viewing: Building a Farm Pond

Union City Dam part 2

Union City dam part 2 If you didn’t see the first part, check out the Union City Dam. I swung by a while ago to see if the water was high enough to be going out the spillway. It was so I took some video of the spillway in action, the over flow pipe in […] Read More

Winter Pond Under Snowmegeddon

As the temperature drops below freezing we see snow instead of rain. The snow is pretty neat as it lands on the water it seems to just get swallowed up, sort of like magic. Over time as the snowflakes drop into the pond they cool the water and the air temperature cools the water until […] Read More

Spring Ponds, Deer, Turkey and Frogs

Ponds are big attractor of wildlife. Not that we have caught or have on film, the deer drinking from the pond but see tracks all the time around the edge and into  the water a little bit. As spring started to come, and dragged out for what seems like forever with rain and below normal […] Read More

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