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Crazy Spring and the Pond

Its been a crazy year for the ponds so far and yes for all of us not knowing when we will actually start warming up. Winter was rather mild, from what I understand it was the El Niño weather pattern that helped to  keep us from falling into the deep freeze as we had the […] Read More

Bottom Aeration Installed PA66

Bottom aeration is the best tool for pond management. The bottom of the pond is where most of our problems come from so why not start there to help bring the pond back to life or at least keep out newer pond from the eventual problems. Yes there are ponds that don’t have a problem […] Read More

Spring Pond 2016 Continued

I just wanted to add to the other post Spring Pond 2016. The main reason was a thunderstorm that happened the day after the post went live. When I got up for work the thunderstorms were moving in and raining fairly hard. At least it slowed down so I could get to the van and […] Read More

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